Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tinker Bell at the Japanese Garden

Yesterday we shot more portraits of my friend's kid. I used his Sony NEX-3 again with the Sony 50mm 1.8 this time at the Japanese Gardens in Hayward, CA. The lighting conditions were great but we had to compete with the many wedding entourages that decided to take pictures here as well. I can't blame them since it's a great spot for photos. 

Even though it can be very challenging shooting kids, I was able to get some good images. I'm a bit more familiar with the Sony NEX interface now that it doesn't slow me down much as I switch modes. One luxury that I missed is the touch to focus feature on my Panasonic GF2. I'm sure the newer NEX models have a touch to focus feature but is not available with the older NEX 3n. If I were to use the 3n again, I'd practice focusing manually. It seems it would be easy since the LCD is high rez. 

Anyway, here are more photos of the very animated talent. 

I like this photo most

even though her eyes were partly closed, I like the lighting here and her expression

the tripod kept her from moving 

got this shot as she was observing the fish

with dada

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