Friday, June 10, 2011

Nike Free 7.0 v2 Review

Got some new running shoes last week mainly because I got a good deal and by good I mean great lol. Anyway, I haven't ran with them outdoors yet but have used them at the gym and have been wearing them casually this past week. 

The shoes are very comfortable. It seems to have extra cushion where the foot arches. I thought that would have been a bad thing but after wearing them it wasn't.  The Nike Free 7.0 v2 doesn't have much support for the ankles but you can't expect much ankle support from running shoes regardless. 

All in all, very comfortable, light and flexible(you can easily bend the toes all the way up). Durability remains to be seen but I can assume it will last as long as any other running shoe or maybe slightly less. It's a great shoe to run on that simulates running barefoot other than the Vibrams is what I've heard. 

the other side view

top view. i like how the laces are placed to the outside middle of the foot.

better look at the pattern at the top of the shoe

NIKE FREE 7.0 V2 7.5
This color was my first option but mine are cool too. 

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gift for father's day. nike free tr2. i would have picked these up for myself if they had my size. 
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