Saturday, May 11, 2013

Behind The Scenes with Wen's Short Film May 2013

The long haired gentleman named Wen has been working on his short film that will premiere the last day of his class this Saturday May 25th. This first set of pictures are from his 1st day of shooting. Things went well. 

Wen and his group of friends are very ambitious in their film making interests. Expect to see more projects from them in the future. Most likely another project this summer before Wen heads to Cal State Long Beach for the Fall. 

Pics below are from Wen's latest day of shooting. 

Me going back to the shaved head look(thank the almost summer heat for that). I play a bad guy in Wen's film and I have a line. Although I can't make it to the premiere, I hope to catch his flick before then to see my little acting debut lol. 

Wen's experienced a ton of obstacles shooting this film and I'm glad I'm not going through it again ha!