Saturday, September 7, 2013

2013 Golden Gate @Crissy Field

shot with Panny GF2 w/ 20mm 1.7

Went to go crabbing in the city. The first spot closed early so we went to Crissy Field which doesn't close I think. 

There was a good amount of people. Many brought their portable chairs, a cooler filled with drinks and whatever else to make the cold weather more enjoyable. We on the other hand went bare bones with just our nets and flash lights. 

I was able to get some good shots of the Golden Gate bridge. We caught a few crabs then released them back into the water. The highlight of the night was when someone caught a leopard shark!

screen capture from the Sony SR-11


We were back at it again this weekend. This time we were a bit more prepared. We had lights, chairs, and fishing poles to go along with our nets. 

We didn't catch anything spectacular but we caught a good amount of crabs. The nets yielded the best results with chicken and a bit of dried fish as bait. The fishing rods worked well also but a bit harder to get the technique down. 

I was able to get a few more shots in with my other lenses (the fisheye and my 35mm) to play around with different focal lengths. 

mixed lighting with the fisheye. I didn't bother to adjust the horizon even though it would make the image a bit better.

with the slr magic 35mm 1.4. There's an anamorphic adapter of some sorts for this lens that may appeal to me in the future for more cinematic looking video/stills. 

trying to get it the rod to work!

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