Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bower 7.5mm Fish Eye for Micro Four Thirds

A more detailed review will come in the next days. I'm tired lol.

At the end of August, B & H was selling the Bower 7.5mm F3.5 Fish Eye lens for Micro Four Thirds for 199. Normally it would cost around the 250 range or the Rokinon/Samyang version (same lenses under different brand names) would cost 299. I jumped on it and finally received it today.

Pictured are a few shots from our BJJ tournament. I shot a ton of interviews that will be posted within the week.

Depending on the lighting situation I'll keep it wide open at F3.5 under low light conditions and in bright light try to keep it around F8 - F11. 

I really like how the look of the distortion and can't wait to shoot video with it as well. Me and the Bower Fish Eye will be getting along just nicely!

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