Friday, November 23, 2012

Short Film 3rd Times The Charm

As of late I've been taking a video/film production class, some video editing classes and a lighting class to get a better sense of filmmaking. In my production class, each student has to make a short film as their final.  Well, it's crunch time and I just started shooting. The process has been interesting. It takes at least a small crew to get things done and doing things on your own or with only one extra hand is not enough for a short film.

I've helped out in a few other's films and will continue to do so till premiere night. I've noticed that I'm also having fun shooting behind the scenes since a ton of it are just candid shots. So far, it's been a great learning experience. Here's a few BTS (behind the scenes) shots from another students' sets. We converted the school studio into a hospital room.

Here's a few more from another set I was working on.

gonna be an epic car scene accident

My film is called 3rd Times The Charm. It's about a guy trying to ask a girl out but fails numerous times. He goes back in time to get more chances but time is a restraint and hopefully he can woe her before heading back to the future... I named the character Marty for obvious reasons lol.

I'll be shooting the majority this Friday and some Saturday and hopefully bit by bit during the week if possible. I shot a short part of a montage sequence already and it turned out well. I used my Panasonic GF2 with the 20mm 1.7. I may use this for the rest of my film or maybe have someone else DP the harder scenes using either a 7D or Mark II. The lighting and acting were great and my dolly did what it was expected to do. I'm gonna fine tune my screenplay this weekend and write up a full shot breakdown so shooting the hard parts won't be as difficult. Enjoy and wish me luck!

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