Monday, July 23, 2012

AutoCon 2012 Weekend

AutoCon 2012 was cool. And by cool I mean hot as heck with a ton of cars to check out. I'm not so much a car enthusiast but I can appreciate a finely tuned and aesthetically pleasing automobile. This year is was held at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, CA.

 We didn't stay long due to the heat and the somewhat randomness of where cars where placed. It would have been cool if they were sectioned off by make. On second thought, that would take much planning and not worth the time. Anyway I got a lot of good shots. Check them out. 

cousins' cars in this last pic

It was great using the Panny Gf2 w/ 20mm lens. My cuzzo got the wide angle converter for his Sony Nex right before the heading to AutoCon, turning his 16mm prime into an 12mm. lens. I'll try to get his photos onto this blog in the near future to see how his pix turned out. 

Outside the Double Tree in Santa Ana

A few pix from the Sony with the Wide Angle Converter which makes his 16mm to 12mm. It's a very fun focal length. 

me in da background heh

Super Wide, great for landscapes

It isn't a trip if we didn't eat out much. I gotta work out hard this week to get my weight back to normal!

Interesting drink. Never had a non carbonated soft drink!

Hurry Curry was our first eating destination Friday afternoon.

Dim Sum at Din Tai Fung

We also at a place called The Kickin' Crab in Santa Ana. Didn't take pics though. It supposed to rival Boiling Crab. I think it does. The garlic noodles were good and the prices were great too. 

In Costa Mesa

Boardwalk Burgers. great tasting fries that were cooked in peanut oil.

Great to be back home though. 


  1. So many great shots! Extremely clear and sharp.

    ~ Joanie

  2. Thx Joanie. The lens I'm looking at next is Bower 7.5mm f/3.5 Fisheye but the brand can be Samyang or Rockinon which are all the same.