Sunday, December 12, 2010

White Elephant

We did the White Elephant gift exchange over at Alvino's mom's pad this year. The concept of White Elephant is pretty cool. This game basically brings the evil out of everyone. Couples began creating alliances in order to get the gift that they wanted. If you steal a gift you take a drink shot which bamboozles you even more when deciding what gift to steal. It went well overall. A couple of the popular gifts were a Swatch watch, freshly cut steaks from the butcher, and tickets to indoor sky diving.  At first I was about to buy a pair of Snuggies, the camo one and a pink one, for my gift but I didn't wanna get caught buying those things. In retrospect, I wanted to see who would steal them!

I always love seeing the reaction of the people who aren't opening the gift
you know alvins plotting when he got his fingers on his chin stroking his beard ever so gently

Okay what am I supposed to be looking at

Alvin trying to hide the Swatch watch whilst posing

BK glad he got his front row Bieber tix
Go Giants
To steal or not to steal

Alvin showing us what he does best 


  1. yea candid shots are coo. seems more natural. made some photos have a vintage feel to it by messing w/ da colors n adding a bit of a vignette. it adds to the photos hopefully without looking too processed.