Monday, June 10, 2013

Jiu Jitsu By The Bay 11: Island Combat

Our academy threw another great tournament this past weekend. We had around 500 competitors that competed in Gi and NoGi.

I had fun shooting the matches. I shot with my GF2 and the SLR Magic 35mm 1.4. I can't wait till the Panasonic G6 comes out. I'll have that as my main body.

I chose to use my manual lens for most of the shots because of the focal length ( I didn't want to get close enough to bother the competitors with my wide auto focus lens). A fast zoom lens with quick auto focus is typically better for these types of situations. I had a few miss focuses and some not intended motion blurred shots but most were good and got the job done.

After I get a good wide angle lens, a nice zoom lens would be great, preferably that expensive 12-35mm f28 constant aperture that Panasonic has.

I was able to get over 200 photos for this event. For future reference, I don't mind people using my photos but I'll start watermarking them as I shoot more of these types of events.

Here's a few of the images. Full set of images here:

Sergio raffling off a Wii for kids who placed.

Team Mongolia brought a strong team this weekend.

I didn't do much video for the tournament. It's very difficult to shoot a ton of stills and get a ton of video at the same time. It can be done but I think once I get a bit more efficient I'd have an easier time. 

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