Monday, December 17, 2012

That's A Wrap! 3rd Times The Charm

3rd Times The Charm is the name of a short film I made for a film/video production class. It was an intense semester long class but very rewarding. Over the weekend we premiered everyone's films in front of our class, the acting class, anyone we wanted to invite and some judges from different parts of the industry that our instructor has worked with.

The night before the premiere I was editing it like a mad man and I'm really glad that I was satisfied with the final product, even with all it's flaws. I'll discuss those flaws at length another time but for a first film, it surpassed my expectations. 

My film received the audience choice for favorite film and also won an award called "Pitch Potential Project" which basically means that out of all the films, my film was chosen for it's potential to be something that can be made into a feature film. It doesn't necessarily mean it had the best cinematography or best art design or best whatever but something about that film is worth expanding on. 

I'll create a follow up post in the future talking about my experiences from beginning to end about creating the short film. Also in that post I'll criticize it to hell lol, mainly for my reference so I won't make the same mistakes twice!

As of now, the class is almost already filled for next term and I'm still deciding if I can go through it again. I gotta decide quick, we'll see!

Alas the film!

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